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KIA launches a campaign and offers unique NFTs through a QR code

KIA launches a campaign and offers unique NFTs through a QR code

According to a press release shared with Bitcoinist, major automaker KIA has launched a non-fungible token (NFT)-based campaign in the United States. Entitled “Created for whoever you are”, the campaign was created in collaboration with the creative agency David&Goliath and represents a milestone for the adoption of digital assets.

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The NFTs will highlight the “individuality” of the 2023 Kia Soul model. The broadcast campaign will feature a 30-second commercial with three NFTs as the main protagonists as they embark on a journey in a Kia Soul and through a city, as seen next.

30-second Kia commercial featuring DASK NFT characters. Font: Smooth through Medium

Viewers will be able to obtain any of the items in this collection by scanning a QR code provided by the 30-second ad. Digital asset collections will be supported by the Sweet NFT platform. Created in high quality and in a computer generated 3D format, each NFT will have its own unique feature.

Russel Wager, Vice President of Markets for KIA America, had this to say about this announcement and why NFTs are a perfect fit for the Kia Soul:

With its iconic styling, endless adaptability, cutting-edge capabilities and technology, Soul redefined the small square car segment when it launched in 2009 and has continued to evolve to appeal to customers of all generations through its cutting-edge beauty, practicality and efficiency. (…). The Soul is as individualistic as NFTs, and as a brand, Kia is always innovating to stay ahead of the curve.

In total, the marketing campaign and NFT collection will consist of 10,100 Kia-branded items. Each of these will be inspired by the 2023 Kia Soul, according to the press release. Tom Mizzone, founder and CEO of Sweet, said:

Above all, it’s a milestone for mass adoption, as it’s the first NFT drop integrated into a national TV commercial. As such, it will be seen by millions of people, many of whom are new to the world of Web3.

ETH price is trending down on the 4-hour chart. Source: ETHUSD Tradingview

NFT front and center in major US marketing campaign

The platform that will support Kia’s NFT collection, Sweet, has worked with leading companies in legacy financial systems across multiple industries. The platform has partnered with McLaren Racing, Old Navy and legendary musician Elton John. Ben Purcell, creative director of David&Goliath, added:

With Kia, we want the work to be as innovative as the vehicles. So we thought, what if we could be the first to go for a spin with some NFTs? He lives, breathes and of course drives, like never before (…). And who better to capture the multi-hyphenated Soul driver than DASK skeletons that embrace individuality.

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Kia has ventured into the digital asset and Web3 business in the past. In February 2022, the company launched the “Robo-Dog” NFT collection in association with Sweet. Proceeds from this collection went to the Petfinder Foundation, an organization that helps shelter animals find a forever home.

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