Kit to clean your iPhone

We recommend an excellent complete kit to clean your iPhone, currently at a more affordable price.

Besty Games recommends this product for cleaning iPhone, that is, a total cleaning kit for iPhone and iPad, with brushes, tools, patches and dedicated products.

Compatible with all iPhone models and smartphones in general, but also Mac, iPad etc.

About this item

  • It has been granted patent number 009196405-0001 Ordilend Electronic Cleaning Kit Included: Retractable Brush, Key Extractor, Metal Tip Pen, Plastic Pen (Lens), Flocked Sponge, Soft Brush, Spry, Polishing Cloth (2pcs), Microfiber Cloth, Small Replacement Cloth (5 pieces). Perfect design, fits easily into a bag or desk drawer to save space.
  • Ordilend Airpods cleaning kit includes 2 combinable pens. The metal tip pen easily removes dirt in the holes of your earphones or computer keys. The flocked sponge cleans dust from the charging case where it is not easy to reach. The plastic pen is professional for phone or camera lens (offer 5 replacement cloths).
  • The retractable brush, soft and moderately hard, removes dust without causing scratches. The mini brush and high-density extractor are ideal for deep PC cleaning between the flatter keys of the laptop keyboard.
  • The polishing spray and 2mm thick cloth (designed at a right angle better fits the four corners of the PC screen), effectively removes stubborn stains, leaves no discoloration and no fibers. The resistant microfibre cloth gently cleans the screen and all parts of the PC without leaving streaks.
  • Ordilend Cleaning Kit, Special Gift for Party, Birthday, Christmas, etc. Ideal for keeping your iPhone, iPad, smartphone, tablet, Bluetooth earphones, headphones or other electronic accessories clean! Note: Turn off and unplug your computer before cleaning, do not spray directly on the screen, suggest following the manual.

In short, take advantage of this amazing offer, because very soon the discount will be removed by Amazon, and the product will return to its high original price.

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