Kobe Bryant will be the cover of the Legend Edition of ‘NBA 2K17’

This season will be the last for the great Kobe Bryantthe forward of the Los Angeles Lakers who today will retire from the NBA after being present 18 times in the All-Star and having a career full of titles and successes.

As a tribute, 2K Games has confirmed that the Legend Edition of your next basketball simulator NBA 2K17 will have the great Kobe as the cover to pay him a well-deserved tribute.

This edition will also include a limited edition Bryant poster, two Panini cards and a “black mamba” vinyl for our controller, all physical content. We will also have 30,000 virtual coins, a “MyTeam” pack (which includes 3 packs of Kobe cards), 11 Kobe retired Nike shoes, the Kobe t-shirt and the Sweatshirt, all digital content for the game.

This edition will be exclusive to Xbox One and PlayStation 4although the game will also be released on PC, Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3.

We leave you with the video of the announcement.


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