Kojima could be thinking about PlayStation VR for his next project

The news that Hideo Kojima ended his relationship with Konami to work independently with his studio, Kojima Productions It was not a surprise considering the tensions between the Japanese creative and Konami itself, especially during the development of ‘Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain’. What was surprising, and for the better, was that his first game was PlayStation 4 exclusive.

Mr. Hideo wanted to visit the facilities of Media Molecule, one of Sony’s First Party companies, and took the opportunity to prove first-hand PlayStation VRSony’s virtual reality headset.

Hideo has also been seen recently sharing experiences with film directors like Guillermo del Toro or JJ Abrams – director of the very fashionable Star Wars: Episode VII – so it would not be surprising if in Kojima’s mind a game for PlayStation VR was brewinga device for which narrative and the cinematographic experience fit like a glove.

Many of you will remember that horror demo, PT., a marvel related to the Silent Hill saga that Kojima was not allowed to continue. Kojima and del Toro are also known to be good friends and now there’s nothing stopping them from finishing what they started, and the PT experience coupled with the immersion that VR offers is too good not to come true.

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