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Lack of lighting – Crossword

Lack of lighting – Crossword


We have all the known answers for the Lack of lighting crossword clue to help you solve today’s crossword puzzle.

Posted on July 11, 2022 Ismaël Romero

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Completing a daily crossword puzzle can be a great way to test your brain, improve your vocabulary, and spend some time on your journey. However, there will always be an annoying crossword clue that will spoil your fun. Well trending is here to help you because we are going to give you today’s crossword clue to help you complete the crossword puzzle.

The full list of Lack of Enlightenment crossword clue answers can be found below. In cases where more than one answer is provided, it is because the clue is used in multiple puzzles. To make sure you have the right one for your puzzle, we recommend checking the number of letters to make sure it fits on the grid.

Table of Contents:

Missing lighting crossword answer

The answer to the crossword Lack of illumination is:

The above suggestion and response(s) were last seen on the July 11, 2022 NYT Mini. It can also be featured in various crossword publications including newspapers and websites around the world such as LA Times, New York Times, Wall Street Journal, etc.

Lack of lighting Crossword FAQ

What is DARK?

Dark is an adjective meaning with little or no light, or of a color or object that does not reflect much light; approaching black in shadow.

It can also be a name signifying the absence of light in a place, or a dark color or shade, especially in a painting.

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