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Leaked Galaxy Z Flip4 render shows the side of the phone


Leaked Galaxy Z Flip4 render shows the side of the phone

The Samsung Galaxy Z Flip4 is expected to launch very soon as the device has just been certified by the FCC. While we have yet to see what the unreleased foldable looks like, 91Mobiles has just leaked an alleged render of Samsung’s upcoming foldable compact.

Source: 91Mobiles

The image shows the right side of the Z Flip4 with the same design and layout as the Galaxy Z Flip3. These renders show a possibly flatter edge around the perimeter of the foldable and the reflection shown may indicate that Samsung will opt for a slightly less anodized finish on the frame, perhaps we’ll see something shiny or shimmery.

Otherwise, we can still see both cameras peeking out from the rear of the Z Flip4, though we expect to see updated camera hardware despite the same design. Also, the power button with its in-display fingerprint sensor and volume keys are in the same location as the Z Flip3.

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip3 (2021)

The Z Flip4 will also get a custom edition where customers can customize the color of each panel on the phone and possibly the frame. The color selection should be better than the Z Flip3 Bespoke Edition.

Some things we’d like to see in the Z Flip4 are longer battery life, faster charging, and improved image performance. We also wouldn’t mind if Samsung decided to put a lower-end, more efficient SoC in the Z Flip4 to help with battery life. Samsung’s next-generation foldable devices are coming in the next couple of months along with a new Galaxy Watch5 and a new pair of Galaxy Buds2 Pro.

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