Let the Force be with you, or not, in Star Wars Commander

Star Wars Commander (Free)

IPhone Life Rating: 2 stars out of 5

LucasArts’ newest entry into the world of iOS apps comes in the form of the recently released Star Wars Commander game. This new game is designed with an eye on the next entry in the Star Wars movie franchise in December 2015.

This battle strategy game takes place right after the first movie, A New Hope, with the start of the Galactic Civil War between the Rebel Alliance and the Empire. You are a mercenary on the planet Tattoine with your smuggling partner, Saponza. Your skills attract the attention of both the Rebels and the Empire, who offer you the option to join either side of the battle. Then you build your base with the help of droids, create barracks to train and acquire more troops, and even recruit well-known figures and vehicles with which to wage war.Let the Force be with you, or not, in Star Wars Commander

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Star Wars Commander will make comparisons with other battle strategy games like Clash Of Clans and Samurai Siege. Once you start with a couple of preliminary battles that lead you to choose the Empire or the Rebels, the game is pretty straightforward. You have your base that you fortify by collecting alloy and credits, and then your troop transport and barracks. You are then ready to play through a series of missions that can earn you rewards in the form of more alloy and credits. Completing a chapter completely will earn you valuable crystals. It’s relatively easy to build everything and get started, but the key flaw in Star Wars Commander is the slow pace and how it relates to your progress in the game. With Star Wars Commander, your troop deployment is a bit limited early on, which can be a problem when you get to later chapters. And then there are a limited number of chapters. (Although a recent update shows that more have been added along with newer characters and features.) It’s also a problem when you start the game with two droids and find yourself having to decide whether to use valuable crystals to complete projects quickly or bite into a bullet and buy another droid at an exorbitant crystal price. Another problem lies in the number of troops you can fight in relation to your development. You will find yourself lacking if your transportation is out of date and that can be difficult. The battle AI is also incomplete, which will annoy you when you drop troops and they don’t always chase the target. Finally, like the aforementioned games, you will find yourself at the mercy of other players encouraged to raid your base for resources unless you buy a shield with… drumroll… crystals. Star Wars Commander promises, but it appears to be a hasty endeavor that would test even the best Jedi warriors’ patience.

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