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MacBook Air M2 delivery dates are already running late

MacBook Air M2 delivery dates are already running late

Source: Gerald Lynch/ComoHow

If you’ve been planning to pre-order the new MacBook Air, you might want to get involved.

Pre-orders for the new MacBook Air are now live, and according to the Apple Store website, the next-generation laptop’s shipping dates are already late July and early August.

While those who rushed in with their orders were able to secure next week’s delivery dates, others will have to wait a bit longer. Some configurations won’t arrive until August 1, and the 10-core GPU-enhanced version is particularly suffering right now. As always, adding customizations to your order could also cause it to ship later than you’d like. Adding more memory and upping SSD storage can add weeks to shipping times on all Apple Macs, and the new MacBook Air is no exception.

The new laptop will officially launch on Friday, July 15 online and in store, and while a few lucky customers received their pre-order with a delivery date that coincides with launch day, the rest of us are going to wait for more. long time to get our hands on this redesign.

It’s no surprise that Apple is experiencing shipping delays for its new MacBook Air. The Air hasn’t seen a major redesign since 2018, when Apple finally updated the first-gen laptop with a Retina display, USB-C, and a minor design update. With this year’s generation, we’re seeing the biggest design update to the Air… well, ever.

The new MacBook Air features an all-new design that matches the design language of the 14-inch and 16-inch MacBook Pros, including a larger display, M2 processor and MagSafe charging. It’s also the first MacBook Air that can be upgraded with 24GB of memory.

Pre-orders for the new MacBook Air with M2 chip are now open. The notebook will be officially released on Friday, July 15.

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