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Madhav Sheth Reveals GT Neo3 and UDC Phone Coming in Second Half

Madhav Sheth Reveals GT Neo3 and UDC Phone Coming in Second Half

Realme’s MWC 2022 event featured the global launch of GT2 series phones along with the Book Prime laptop and Buds Air 3 wireless earbuds. In addition, Realme also showcased its UltraDart charging solutions that offer speeds from 100 to 200W.

We attended a media interview session after the event, during which Madhav Sheth, Vice President of Realme and Director of Realme International Business Group, revealed some additional details about upcoming Realme products and developments.

We have received confirmation that Realme GT Neo3 will launch in the second half of this year with 150W UltraDart charging capabilities. GT Neo3 will be one of the first phones to feature MediaTek’s new Dimensity 8100 chipset.

Realme is also working on a phone with an under-display camera that will launch in the second half. The exec shared that Realme is openly experimenting with different smartphone form factors, including foldable phones. Unfortunately, we don’t have a set timeframe for the commercial release of the foldable.

Realme’s MagDart magnetic charging system has yet to be released, although it is optimized as current versions involve too many compromises for users. The main limitation is the space available inside MagDart-enabled phones, resulting in phones that are too thick or have low battery capacity.

Madhav Sheth also explained the brand’s decision to include a microscopic camera in its GT 2 Pro instead of a telephoto module, as it offers features that the other two sensors cannot match.

Realme thinks it can deliver close enough telephoto results through digital zoom and cropping of the main sensors in conjunction with its computational photography software.