‘Maldita Castilla’ and other Locomalito greats will come to consoles from Abylight Studios

Without a doubt, today it is a real pleasure for me to write this news. One of the servers that is perhaps the best tribute created by a Spaniard to the mythical Ghoust’n Goblins and which was known as Maldita Castilla, will finally reach consoles.

Its creator Locomalito (Juan Antonio Becerra) has reached an agreement with the company Abylight Studios to bring both Maldita Castilla and all its titles (clear tributes to games from the 80s) to consoles. At the moment not much more is known, except that this graphic designer has no more and no less than 10 titles of notable workmanship behind him.

At the moment it is not known which platforms their games will reach, but what is confirmed is that the first to arrive will be the one that stars in the headline of the news, we are talking about Maldita Castilla as you can see the trailer.


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