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Many new features coming to Microsoft Team

Many new features coming to Microsoft Team

Microsoft Teamsthe popular video conferencing application that boomed during the pandemic, it is about to update with lots of new features. Let’s see how these will improve your call experience.

The first change concerns the video quality. Brightness management has improved: this means that, even if you have a very light background behind you, the software will change the contrast so that you are still visible. In addition, an option has been added to slightly blur the edges of the screen, creating a pleasant visual effect.

The second novelty concerns the “Together Mode”. It is a way in which the participants are placed in a kind of virtual room. Previously this option could only be activated individually while other users kept the classic separate view; now the meeting organizer can automatically activate it for all attendees.

Other small functions concern the ability to send invitations in multiple languages ​​at the same time, to export your data to an Excel sheet, customization options. Last news, always not very big but still useful, is the choice of the folder where the files downloaded from Teams are saved. Previously these were always placed in Downloads, but now you can change the destination.

Many of the features announced today were already available to select users. From now on, however, everyone will be able to use themand Microsoft as always has other updates planned in the future to improve the experience.