Meet Magileux and Bienphu in ‘Tales of Berseria’

The latest installment of the Japanese magazine Jump has arrived with new details about two characters from Tales of Berseria, the long-awaited PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 3 title that will be released in Japan throughout 2016. It is also planned to be released on PlayStation 4 and PC for the West.

Magileux is a brown hair woman dubbed by Satomi Sato and designed by Daigo Okumura. She is described as an unidentified woman who is popularly known as “The Fraudulent Witch.” The publisher refers to it as “a mood machine,” although it is said to have a very dark side as well.

Bienphu on the other hand is a Malak creature that wear a hat quite mysterious and dark, with very elegant red combinations. He is voiced by Naomi Nagasawa and was apparently designed as a “mascot character”. He is different from most Maka, is not egocentric and it is very expressive. His favorite phrases are “Good” and “Bad.”

The magazine also has information on the battle system “Break Soul”, linked actions that go beyond “the limited buttons and special effects” of each character.

You can take a look at a scan of the magazine next:


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