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MetaFi is on the rise with the sale of the first NFT Moon Metaverse avatars on May 15

MetaFi is on the rise with the sale of the first NFT Moon Metaverse avatars on May 15

In the airless offices of Wall Street, only 1% have a shot at the best deals. Decentralization has caused people to change direction: from trying to find traditional venture capitalists to following the latest decentralization trends given by new technologies and new business models.

This seems like a much more effective strategy. Take the gaming industry, for example. By 2024, it is expected to reach a staggering $218.7 billion, and it’s all thanks to blockchain-based technologies like NFT.

At the beginning of the year, the gaming industry was swept away by the so-called Play-to-Earn model and the biggest players have already had their share of the pie. However, progress has led to the emergence of a new Create-to-Earn model where there are still real opportunities for retail investors to secure a seat at the table. Let’s dive deeper and learn what MetaFi is, how it differs from GameFi, and where the next big sale is.

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A missing piece of the puzzle: from Play2Earn to Create2Earn

The GameFi industry was built at the intersection of the gaming industry and decentralized finance. Non-fungible tokens and in-game economies helped create games where in-game items eventually became liquid assets that could be sold outside of the gaming experience.

The power of the Play2Earn idea where players earn income by completing in-game tasks has been proven by the immediate success of games like Axie Infinity. But since these games are not regulated, the model is prone to short-termism and can actually damage gaming ecosystems with bubbles and their bursting.

Of course, you don’t have to involve the good old airless office regulators to add real-world responsibility to the virtual world. People have had enough of them in the real world and they have proven to be ineffective. Here is MetaFi, which sits at the intersection of metaverses and decentralized finance and a new model called Create2Earn.

These new gaming metaverses will be governed by gamers themselves who are motivated to expand virtual universes, create new in-game businesses, and further develop the ecosystem. In a decentralized way, players will create new NFTs for themselves and have the most connection to their creations.

With such strong communities around games, centralized companies like Facebook or Microsoft will have a hard time attracting people to their metaverses. By the time the giants create the working prototypes, all players will have their place at the table in the decentralized universe.

How to get started in the MetaFi sector?

In February 2022, pixel art metaverse Create2Earn Chillchat raised $1.85 million in an investment round led by Solana Ventures. But the company has already auctioned off most of its “original characters.” Given the wide range of growth opportunities in the market, it would make sense to find the project that is in its infancy to get the most out of the investment.

NFT Moon Metaverse is an example of such a project. The UAE-registered company creates the MultiBlockchain universe based on the Create2Earn model. The summer of 2022 will be marked by the creation of the first city in the NFT Lunar Metaverse, called Moonopolis.

Of course, Moonopolis will be autonomous and decentralized. That is why the company announced that governance passes into the hands of the first 5,000 avatars, a special type of inhabitants, to become DAO.

Avatars will be the key decision makers throughout the NFT lunar metaverse that will determine the future prosperity of the city. With the DAO structure, each avatar will have a vote to decide how the NFT Moon Metaverse works.

CLEVER is the new black of the Metaverse

Participating early not only grants governance privileges, but also access to endless ways to earn with what the developers call a SMART management experience:

Create: An Avatar can become a metasstartuper or metacreator, since all kinds of businesses created within the universe will share their profits with DAO.

Learn: An ecosystem also allows you to acquire new skills in Moonopolis City’s educational programs, which of course allows you to earn more.

Income: Avatars will be able to sell city ID cards to Moonwalkers, but that’s far from the only source of income. There are already more than 300 sources of income in the metaverse of lunar plot rentals.

Voting – Voting is like being an investor with access to the board, the avatars are the ones who will decide how the metaverse evolves over time and how well it thrives.

Enjoy: As the first inhabitants, the avatars will have the first views of incredible events and immersive experiences that add fun to the experience of winning.

Rule: “A wise and transparent decision creates revenue streams for you,” the developers shared.

All in one, the ecosystem helps achieve passive and active income streams, learn new skills, and join the like-minded community to reinvent reality. Transparency, open source code and fair distribution make Create2Earn a good business and a new industry.

How do I get a seat at the table?

On May 15, NFT Moon Metaverse will launch the first pre-sale of the first 500 DAO avatars for the community and the most interested partners at the best price of 0.08 ETH. On the other hand, when the public sale is launched on May 17, the price will already be 0.1 ETH. During the public sale, there will also be only 4,500 DAO avatars.

To participate in the presale, a potential candidate must be on the list. After registration on Discord, the company will whitelist eligible candidates who will receive a notification about the start of the pre-sale. Whitelisted members will receive an early booking.

Answers to frequently asked questions can be found here, but the developer team also answers all questions on social media.

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