Microsoft fixes security flaw in Hotmail

Microsoft would have solved the security flaw to change Hotmail’s password, which means that the hackers were able to delete the password from your profile. If you have had such problems these days then you have been a victim of the attack. Hotmail has begun work to fix the security flaw, which was fortunately fixed on Friday. Microsoft has a total of 350 million Hotmail users, recently released the fix for the breach of this email service. The bug was discovered in early April, and the race started in the underground world to pay $ 20 dollars for each password change.

During this time YouTube videos emerged showing how to hack, these videos were shown mainly in Arabic and demonstrated how to change a password. Microsoft released a statement explaining that the case is closed and Hotmail users do not have to do anything. Security company Sophos has reported that there is no news on how many accounts have been breached by a serious security vulnerability in Hotmail. The only way to know if an account has been hacked is to verify that the msn / hormail profile cannot be accessed with the password.

We hope that no more security problems arise in Hotmail, or at least that Microsoft will act quickly as it did on this occasion to limit the damage.