Microsoft Flight Simulator F-4 Phantom II and Harrier Get New Screenshots; Airports Bristell B23, TB-30 Epsilon, San Sebastián, Chapelco and more

Today, third-party developers had a lot of juicy reveals and add-on releases of Microsoft Flight Simulator, including airplanes and airports.

We started with DC Designs, who provided a development update and developing screenshots of the AV-8B Harrier II and F-4J Phantom II.

“This week I worked hard on the AV-8B Harrier II and F-4 Phantom packages. In one of life’s great ironies, just as Jack and I agreed on the perfect method for recreating VSTOL in MSFS for the Harrier, Asobo released the unannounced “Halo” Pelican with its own VTOL system, we checked it out, and while it’s an easy way to create VTOL, it still looks a lot like pivoting, which doesn’t fly or hover properly.

We are currently playing around with our own ideas as we review the Pelican flight model, so we can come up with something better and more realistic for the Harrier.

In a cool twist, when animating the Harrier’s nozzles, I found that the engine heat haze effects and Karl Derner’s amazing smoke trails follow the movement of the nozzles well, making the plane even more beautiful when it changes direction. hover flight to forward flight. Work continues rapidly on the Harrier as I develop the exterior model details. There is still a lot to do, but very good progress is being made.

The Ghosts are not far behind in many ways. I spent two days creating higher resolution UV maps for the models, these will be the masters for all textures and liveries. I am in the process of finalizing the exterior designs, which will also take into account the different nose and tail shapes of each of the variants, making life easier for livery painters when the Phantoms are released (there are literally hundreds of liveries worn by the Phantoms for nearly 50 years of service, so I’m sure repainting them will require as much flexibility as possible). I’m still undecided, for both planes, whether to use decals or texture sheets for the panel lines. Option A is faster and easier, option B is the way it *should* be done in MSFS.

Next, we heard from SimWorks Studios, who provided a preview of the amphibious version of their excellent Kodiak, plus a roadmap of the aircraft they aim to launch in 2022, the Van’s Aircraft RV-10, the GippsAero GA8 Airvan, and the and Pilatus PC-12, whose external 3D model you can see in the first screenshot below.

“As for the Airvan, we have had this workhorse in our sights for some time and can finally start working on it. The coding of the aircraft is largely complete and, like the PC-12, we dialed in the basic geometry and engine parameters. using a basic model of the plane to get the correct size. The aircraft will be equipped with steam gauges and the typical GNS530 plus Bendix/King radio stack. It will use the same features as the Kodiak, which means the cargo, passengers and some instruments will be moldable, so you can build your own radio column or dashboard.

Finally, an update to the RV-14 will be finalized next week, adding a GNS530 radio stack and packaging for PC and Xbox. As we said, the Xbox version will feature the GNS530 stack ONLY, until the 750 is available for the console. That’s all for this week!

Speaking of future aircraft, we are planning three more by 2022. The RV-10, Airvan and PC-12. As for the PC-12, we have our exterior WIP in the simulator and dial in the basic configuration of geometry, electrical and engine. We’re still fussy outside, as some details of the plane were hard to find. However, thanks to Pilatus and our drivers, we have everything we need and will soon be able to race to the finish line and concentrate on the cockpit. It’s the last 10% that takes all the time. The RV-10 is making solid progress, with a significant portion of the exterior sculpted and refitted to make sure it’s all good.

Moving on to aircraft released, Airfoillabs has released the first for Microsoft Flight Simulator, the Bristell B23.

You can buy it from the official market in the simulator for $24.99 for PC and Xbox and see what it looks like below.

Next up on the build menu is AzurPoly’s Socata TB-30 Epsilon military trainer.

This one is also only released on the market right now, and you can buy it for $19.99 for PC and Xbox.

Moving on to the landscape, PilotPlus broke a long silence and showed the progress of the historic London Biggin Hill Airport (EGKB) in the UK.

Another release comes from MK Studios, which premiered the iconic San Sebastian Airport (LESO) in Spain.

It is available from Orbx Central for $13.83 and you can expect the following.

  • San Sebastian Airport in a highly detailed rendering
  • High quality PBR textured
  • Recreated environment and shore
  • track profile
  • Mesh
  • Simplified terminal interior

We fly to Argentina, with the Chapelgo Aviador Carlos Campos Airport (SAZY), serving San Martín de los Andes, published by Simulación Extrema.

It is available for Xbox and PC on the official in-sim market for $12.99.

Back in Europe, we have another official market launch of SimNord in-sim.

Endelave Airport (EKEL) in Denmark can be purchased for $6.99 for PC and Xbox.

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Microsoft Flight Simulator is available now for Windows 10 and Steam, and Xbox Series X|S. A free 40th anniversary edition was recently announced with many new features.

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