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Microsoft Flight Simulator Sim Update 9 Beta Released; Pilatus PC-12 announcement, Rzeszów-Jasionka Airport and North Sea Industry

Microsoft Flight Simulator Sim Update 9 Beta Released; Pilatus PC-12 announcement, Rzeszów-Jasionka Airport and North Sea Industry

Today Microsoft and third-party developers had news to share about Microsoft Flight Simulator and its add-ons.

First, Microsoft released the Sim Update 9 public beta, which is scheduled to officially launch on April 26.

You can find the patch notes here and membership details.

We then learn that Carenado is bringing a Pilatus PC-12 to the sim.

Another revelation comes from Drzewiecki Design, which works at the Rzeszów-Jasionka Airport (EPRZ) in Poland.

It is the eighth busiest airport in the country and the package seems to include the nearby Old Rzeszów Airport (ERPJ).

Next up is Aerosoft, which revealed North Sea Industry, a pack that populates the North Sea with all sorts of industrial environments.

of the industry

marine industry

other ships

wind industry

Wind industry construction

oil/gas industry

Oil/Gas Construction

It will be released this summer with a price between €10 and €15 for PC and Xbox.

Next, we take a look at the runway protection lights at Wellington Airport (NZWN) in New Zealand by Flightbeam Studios.

Hype Performance Group presented the work carried out on the expansion of the Action Pack for its Airbus H145 helicopter.

The HPG team has been hard at work completing the necessary elements to bring the H145 base pack to the 1.0 state and release the first public version of the HEMS H145 variant of our Action Pack expansion.

Most of the major modeling, texturing, and polishing details have been completed for the airframes, and our art team has focused on producing the props, humans, and scenery that will help make our missions as immersive as possible. for H145 pilots.

On the systems side, Dave has successfully implemented a platform for user-generated missions, and more recently has focused on HEMS-related tasks such as lifting and building behind-the-scenes mission logic. There’s also a lot of attention paid to the overall user experience and there’s a major new feature related to settings that we hope to show off to the community in a future update.

Our ETA for the HEMS variant launch is still before the end of this month and you can expect some preview coverage ahead of launch so you know what to expect from this amazing new project.

We close this update with some photos.

Remember that these are photos in development, for example: there will be variations for humans when they are released, but for now, enjoy the Bruce Willis twins.

Photos: DRF & Cal Fire Liveries, crew member and accident victim in a mission scenario, interior of the firefighting variant including some items for lifting, interior of the HEMS variant and the Bruce Willis twins carrying a patient to H145 for transport.

You can follow the development on the studio’s Discord server.

Project Global, which builds a Boeing 707, has provided a development update for its upcoming free software for the Boeing 707.

Brief explanation: This update covers a general improvement of the exterior, including the tail, wings, fuselage, and equipment! Below

Finished pieces:

– Tail (With basic texturing)

– Wings (More details in «Started Pieces»

– Update the fuselage model!

– Gear -> (Gear including wiring, hinges, buttons, etc.

Started Pieces:

Here are the parts of the plane that we started working on in the last month.

– Horizontal stabilizers (with base texture)

– Flaps + Spoilers + Flaps Kreuger

You can follow their progress on the developer’s Discord server.

Finally, we get a build from FSimStudios, which launched Toronto’s Billy Bishop Airport (CYTZ) in Canada

It is currently available in the developer store for $15.

If you want to learn more about Microsoft Flight Simulator add-ons, you can enjoy our recent reviews of Kansai International Airport, Toronto Pearson Airport, Twin Otter, Auckland International Airport, Skiathos Airport, Athens International Airport , Bergamo Orio al Serio Airport, Amami Airport, Bristol Airport, Marrakech Menara Airport, Central Britain, Tehran Imam Khomeini Airport, Moscow Sheremetyevo Airport, Shanghai Pudong Airport, Krakow Airport, Fukuoka City and Airport , Fort Lauderdale Airport, Chongqing City & Airport, Manila Airport, Santiago Airport, Frankfurt City Pack, Key West Airport, Okavango Delta, Bali Airport, London Oxford Airport, Berlin Brandenburg Airport, CRJ 550/ 700, PA-28R Arrow III, Kristiansand Airport, Macau City and Airport, Bonaire Flamingo Airport, Milano Linate Airport, Singapore City Pack, Tokyo Narita Airport, Yao Airport, F-15 Eagle, Paris City Pack, Greater Moncton Airport, Tweed New Haven Airport, Santorini Airport, Sydney Airport, Helsinki-Vantaa Airport, Reggio Calabria Airport, Bastia Poretta Airport, Munich Airport, Paris Orly Airport, Newcastle International Airport, Sankt Johann Airfield, Dublin International Airport and Seoul City Wow. We also have a beta preview of Singapore Changi Airport.

If you want to know more about the game itself, you can read our review which will tell you everything you need to know about the Asobo Studio game.

Microsoft Flight Simulator is available now for Windows 10 and Steam, and Xbox Series X|S.

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