Microsoft has fixed critical issues in Windows 10 21H1

The company Microsoft has already fixed the error that made the computers running the update may 2021. This problem affects most of all those devices that use fast storage technology drivers from Intel.

This error was generated after users installed the update KB5001391 that was deployed for Windows 10 in version 21H1, which had to be corrected with another version. The error code after this update was «BAD_POOL_CALLER»From the blue screen of death, which was generated as we already mentioned, when the Windows 10 monthly update was installed.

This bug only affected a small group of users

It is worth mentioning that this problem he was facing Windows 10 21H1 with the May 2021 update it only affected a small group of users, particularly those using drivers Intel RST.

The good news is that Redmond They have already solved the problem that generated the conflict between the drivers of this hardware that generated the blue screen of death, they have also corrected certain problems that had to do with certain audio drivers.

As we all know, Windows update It solves some of the problems that affect Windows 10, however, in other cases it ends up causing others. However, the company is currently being quite careful with the updates it launches to its operating system, therefore, we just have to wait and cross our fingers.

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