Microsoft is testing the tablet-optimized taskbar in Windows 11

Microsoft is currently rolling out a new Insider build of Windows 11 (22563), which includes several new features and changes, including the taskbar and widget table.

The new version includes a tablet-optimized taskbar that takes up less screen space and displays only critical information.

The new minimized taskbar can be activated by swiping down on the bottom edge of the screen. This minimizes the standard taskbar and a new, slimmer one appears, showing only basic information such as the time, Wi-Fi, and battery status. You can show the extended taskbar by swiping up.

Microsoft has also changed the appearance of the widget table. Previously, the widgets and news feed were visually separate, but now they appear as a dynamic mixed feed.

There are also 37 new emoji in this version as part of the Emoji 14.0 set, but we still don’t have the 3D emoji that Microsoft previously demonstrated.

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