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Microsoft’s Surface Laptop Go 2 leaks online

Microsoft’s Surface Laptop Go 2 leaks online

It looks like Microsoft will release the successor to the Surface Laptop Go in the coming months, as a list of the upcoming laptop has apparently leaked online.

An early retail listing in Korea (spotted by The Verge) shows a new version of the Surface Laptop Go, with Intel’s 11th Gen processor (specifically, the Intel Core i5-1135G7) which is a marked improvement over the Intel chip. i5-1035G1 found in the original model

Apart from “improved HD camera performance”, not much else seems to change. Apparently, the retail listing shows that it will retain the 12.4-inch touch screen, along with the 3:2 aspect ratio optimized for productivity. The same selection of ports will also be present, as well as the fingerprint sensor built into the power button.

Unfortunately, it looks like Microsoft won’t be introducing a keyboard backlight for the sequel, which is a shame, as its omission was one of the biggest issues with the original Surface Laptop Go model.

It’s no surprise to see Microsoft making small changes, as the company tends to stick to established laptop designs for long periods of time, only updating internal specs when it launches new models.

It looks like Microsoft could potentially bump up the base RAM and SSD capacity figures to 8GB and 128GB respectively, though it’s currently unknown if this will increase the price.

WinFuture previously stated that the Surface Laptop Go 2 will start at $650, which is significantly more expensive than the $549.99 base price of the original Surface Laptop Go. But if Microsoft were to drop the base configurations, a price increase would make sense.

The good news is that we may not have to wait long for an official reveal, as the leak indicates that orders will start on June 2, 2022. Follow the reliable reviews to stay up to date with the latest updates.

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