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MKQ Stylus Pen for iPad review: The best iPad stylus for the price

MKQ Stylus Pen for iPad review: The best iPad stylus for the price

Source: Jaclyn Kilani / ComoHow

To be honest, I was skeptical about the MKQ Stylus when I first came across it. How can an iPad stylus be so cheap? However, I decided to give it a try as my kids will be using it too and they have been known to lose or break my devices. Now I’m glad I did! This little pen does everything I need and for a surprisingly low price.

I’m not a digital artist, but I use the iPad stylus to edit photos, take notes, and create fun doodles for my family and friends. My kids use it even more than I do, and now they love using MKQ for drawing and illustration apps on the iPad. With more expensive products like the Apple Pencil, I’m hesitant to let my kids use them; but with the price of the MKQ Stylus, I can afford to buy one for each of my children to use whenever they want.

Table of Contents:

  • MKQ Stylus: prices and availability
  • MKQ Stylus Pen: the handy stylus for iPad
  • MKQ needle: no pressure
  • MKQ Stylus: Competition
  • MKQ Stylus: Should you buy it?
    • You should buy it if…
    • You should not buy this if…
      • MKQ Stylus Pen for iPad
  • Review of MKQ Stylus for iPad:

    MKQ needle

    Conclusion: The MKQ stylus is perfect for everyday doodles and quick notes, and it’s also affordable enough to buy one for each of the kids.

    The good


    MKQ Stylus: prices and availability

    Source: Jaclyn Kilani / ComoHow

    The MKQ Stylus is available on Amazon for the surprisingly low price of $22. It’s the lowest price I’ve seen for an iPad stylus that offers most of the same functionality as an Apple Pencil. Compared to the price of the original Apple Pencil, it can’t be beat.

    MKQ Stylus Pen: the handy stylus for iPad

    Source: Jaclyn Kilani / ComoHow

    There’s a lot to like about the simple little MKQ stylus, beyond the low price. Works out of the box, no pairing required. Just pop it out, press the button on the end, and it’s ready to go with any iPad that has a stylus. When you turn it on, a number lights up on the side to indicate the remaining battery life. It’s a useful indicator that I haven’t seen on other iPad styluses. Unlike others I’ve used, this one doesn’t suddenly turn off when it runs out of battery. Indicator light lets you know how much battery power is left when it’s on or off.

    I’ve used the MKQ stylus for taking notes using the Scribble feature on the iPad, as well as editing photos and drawing simple doodles. My kids have been using it to draw in the Sketches app, and so far the MKQ stylus works just as well as any other iPad stylus in terms of sensitivity and accuracy. It also recognizes gestures and tilt, and ignores your palm touching the screen. With this pencil, you will not need a special glove.

    There’s a lot to like about the simple little MKQ stylus, beyond the low price.

    The MKQ stylus pen comes with three replacement tips that are easy to snap on and off. This is especially useful when you have children who like to lose things. And since it supports magnetic connection, you can easily connect this stylus to an iPad Pro’s magnetic connectors. However, it doesn’t support wireless charging, which brings me to the next section.

    MKQ needle: no pressure

    Source: Jaclyn Kilani / ComoHow

    Although the MKQ Stylus attaches magnetically to the iPad Pro, it won’t charge there. This is a downside of buying the affordable MKQ; the more expensive Apple Pencil comes with wireless charging via the iPad Pro’s magnetic connectors. For the MKQ, on the other hand, you’ll need to charge it with the included USB-C cable.

    There is also no pressure sensitivity with this stylus. Although it supports tilt and gesture sensitivity, it does not reflect user pressure. If pressure sensitivity is important to your illustration game, this stylus is not for you. Other than that, it works much the same as any other iPad pencil.

    MKQ Stylus: Competition

    Source: Jaclyn Kilani / ComoHow

    Although the MKQ seems to have the lowest price of any iPad stylus I’ve seen, there are other alternatives to the Apple Pencil. I have also used and reviewed SwitchEasy EasyPencil for iPad, and its performance is very similar to MKQ. Both support tilt sensitivity and magnetic connection, but neither support wireless charging. The main difference here is price and availability. The EasyPencil costs almost double the price of the MKQ, although it is available for purchase in more places. The MKQ is only available for purchase on Amazon.

    MKQ Stylus: Should you buy it?

    Source: Jaclyn Kilani / ComoHow

    You should buy it if…

    You should not buy this if…

    While this MKQ iPad stylus works for everyone, I think it’s especially useful in home settings where multiple kids need their own stylus. Due to its very affordable price, you can buy one for each child in the family. So if it gets lost or broken, it won’t be as painful as losing the much more expensive Apple Pencil. However, I wouldn’t recommend MKQ for professional illustrators who need pressure sensitivity. For that, you may want to cash in on the real deal.

    4.5 out of 5

    Although the MKQ Stylus for iPad is not as feature-rich as some high-end iPad styluses, it does perform most writing, drawing, and editing tasks with precision. It’s easy to use and doesn’t require any setup, which is great if you give it to kids. The MKQ comes with three extra tips and displays the remaining battery life right on the pen, so you’re never surprised. When it comes to getting what you pay for, you can’t beat this iPad stylus from MKQ.

    MKQ Stylus Pen for iPad

    Bottom line: If other iPad styluses are out of your budget, the MKQ Stylus comes at a surprisingly low price. Use it to perform almost all of the same functions as the Apple Pencil, except for pressure sensitivity.

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