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Monster Hunter Rise Bow: Best Builds, Tips and Tricks

Monster Hunter Rise Bow: Best Builds, Tips and Tricks

Source: ComoHow

Having trouble deciding which of the 14 weapons to use in Monster Hunter Rise? It can certainly seem overwhelming if you don’t know which weapon will work best for you. If you like to keep some distance between you and the monsters you are hunting, you should definitely consider the bow. It is a mid-range weapon that can provide buffs and strength status conditions to prey.

In this guide, we’ll dive into the ideal bow controls, skills, and builds for different moments on your journey. Dive in and find out why Monster Hunter Rise is one of the best games on Nintendo Switch.

Monster Hunter Lifting Arch

Monster Hunter Rise Bow Fighting Style

Source: ComoHow

The bow is a medium-range weapon that allows players to keep their distance from monsters while dealing damage. With the help of overlays, you can also apply status effects to take down your prey more easily or give yourself benefits to yourself and your friends who are playing with you. Do not worry. You will never run out of arrows as you always have an unlimited supply.

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Monster Hunter Ascent Arc Controls

Commands Function ZL Aim ZR Shoot A Melee Attack X + A Dragon Piercer Hold L + X or B Liner Selection X Load / Unload Liner

Monster Hunter Rise Bow Combos

Source: Function Like How Combos Press and hold ZR, ZR + A Archery: Draw> Archery Hold ZR, ZR R Stick, quickly press A Power Shot: Draw> Shoot> Power Shot ZR R Stick, Left Stick + B, A , A Side Step Combined Charge: Shot> Side Charge> Power Shot> Power Volley

Monster Hunter Rise Bow Shift Skills

Monster Hunter weapons have their own attacks and each attack can have one of two switch abilities assigned to it. Here are the switch skills for the bow.

Attack Shift Skills Silk Bound Attack ○ Focus Shot: Escape backwards, then crouch down to quickly regain stamina.
○ Air target: jump in the air while shooting arrows; you can fire powerful shots into the air. Regular Attack 1 ○ Power Shot: Shoot arrows with more charge than normal.
○ Absolute Power Shot – Also charges more than normal, but with the ability to stun the target at the expense of more stamina. Regular Attack 2 ○ No Charge: Increase your charge level by dodging any direction you want.
○ Dodgebolt: Avoid it by turning and increasing your charge level. Choose which direction you dodge.

Monster Hunter Lifting Bow Silk Binding Attacks

Silkbind Attack Function Press R + A Herculean Draw: A Silkbind attack that moves you forward in a designated direction. The attack is also boosted for a short period of time. (It costs 2 Wirebug). Press R + X Focus Shot – A Silkbind attack that uses a Wirebug to escape from the rear and leaves you crouching. While crouching, stamina regenerates quickly. If the timing is right, you can nullify a monster’s attack while dodging. Use the left stick to change the direction you are escaping. It can be changed with aerial sighting. Press R + X Aerial Aim – Makes you jump directly using a Wirebug. In the air, you can shoot your prey. It can be changed with Focus Shot.

Monster Hunter Rise Bow Best Builds

Source: ComoHow

Every construction you do will have concessions. However, these are what we consider to be the best builds for the arch.

Best build for 2-star missions

Zone Best Gear Kamura Iron Bow III Weapon Izuchi Head Helmet Chest Hunter’s Chainmail Bracers Izuchu Waist Lagombi Coil Legs Chainmail Pants

Stats and skills for this version:

Best build for 4-star missions

Best Gear Zone Woggi Revolver II Weapon Izuchi Head Helm Chest Tetranadon Mesh Arms Kadachi Bracers Waist Lagombi Coil Kadachi Legs

Stats and skills for this version:

Best Endgame Build for Bow

Zone Best Equipment Weapon Herald Weapon Battle Bow Head Tetranadon Helm S Chest Tetranadon Mail S Kadachi Braces Arms S Rathalos Coil Waist S Legs Tetranadon Greaves S

Stats and skills for this version:

Monster Hunter Rise Bow Best Skills

I recommend that you work to improve these skills as soon as possible. This will go a long way to helping you perform better with the bow.

Skill What it does Constitution Reduces stamina depletion so you can use your bow more regularly without waiting. Stamina Surge does this, so you regenerate stamina faster, which is very useful with the bow. Normal / Rapid Up Increases the attack power of Rapid Arrows to make you deal more damage faster.

If only Legolas could see me now

With the right equipment and the right skills at your service, you will become a mighty warrior, just like the great elf. Take the time to work on your team to increase your stats so that you become a force to be reckoned with.