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Monster Hunter Rise Buddy Plaza Guide: Palico, Palamute, Hire Friends, Meowcenaries, Training and more

Monster Hunter Rise Buddy Plaza Guide: Palico, Palamute, Hire Friends, Meowcenaries, Training and more

Source: ComoHow

Monster Hunter Rise is one of the best Nintendo Switch games. However, since it has so many layers, it can be a bit intimidating for people to get into it. To make fighting monsters easier, you’ll definitely want to take advantage of Buddy Plaza. Palicos and palamutes are really cool, but they are more than just pets. In Buddy Plaza, you can upgrade them in the dojo or send them on missions to bring in some amazing loot. Having the extra loot on hand will make it easy to upgrade your armor and weapons.

Note: You will need to purchase Buddy Handler Iori Buddies first if you want to take advantage of all that Buddy Plaza has to offer.

Monster Hunter Rise Buddy Plaza

Where is Buddy Plaza?

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When you are in the center of Kamura village, look towards your house and you will see a wooden bridge that leads to some trees. Cross this bridge to enter Buddy Plaza.

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Hire Palicos and Palamutes from Buddy Handler Iori

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Iori helps you hire additional Palicos and Palamutes for your party in exchange for Zenny (the in-game gold coin). There is a list of friends to choose from, each with different abilities and levels. The higher the level, the more they cost Zenny.

Make sure to take into account both your abilities and your equippable stats rather than just looking at your level when selecting. Some of them have really silly names. Fortunately, you will be able to change your name once you are hired.

Limited positions of friends

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You can have 21 Palamutes and 21 Palicos, giving you plenty of room to hire all the cool friends you see. If you are running out of space but still want to hire more, you will need to select Ignore my friend and choose a furry friend to say goodbye. Once a position opens, you can hire another friend. You can also exclude friends from the Buddy Board.

What kind of support from Palico should I get?

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Palicos have one of five different types of support: Combat, Healer, Gather, Help, and Bomber. You will want to determine what types of support work well with your fighting style.

Palico Support Type Function Assist Set traps to help the hunter capture monsters. Just keep in mind that not all monsters can get caught. The bomber drops bombs in combat, but be careful, you can also get hurt. Fighting These Palicos have higher attack damage and also enhance your own attacks. Rally These cats are more likely to collect extra treats and can even collect monsters to give you more armor materials. Healer focuses on getting your HP back and clearing health conditions for you and your team.

Recommended for Beginners: If you are new to Monster Hunter, we recommend that you choose a healer type. They’ll help you regain your health and recover from various status conditions, so you won’t always have to focus on doing it yourself while fighting monsters.

Recommended for Upgrade: If you’re at a point in the game where you really want to upgrade your armor and weapons, but are struggling to get the gear you need, you’ll want to have some sort of gathering in your party. They are more likely to help you get the materials you need faster.

Recommended for Endgame / Veterans: If you are an experienced hunter or have been playing the game for a while, we recommend using the Palicos assist or combat type. Assist types will set traps that make it easier to remove large prey, while attack types will give you and themselves an attack boost.

Scout a Buddy Customize new Palicos and Palamutes

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Technically, you cannot customize the color and body parts of a Palico or Palamute after its creation. However, you can create a new one by asking Iori to recruit a friend. Selecting this option will take you to the Personalize Friends you met when you started the game page.

Source: ComoHow

Again you can choose the color of the coat, the types of tail, the patterns and the shape of the eyes of Palicos and Palamutes. In addition, you can also choose the type of support for all the Palicos that you create. Check back with Iori later and you’ll see a list of friends that closely matches your search criteria, although there are likely slight differences between the hiring options. Hire the friend you like the most and he can join your hunting party.


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By talking to Chief Kogarashi (the black cat in armor), you can pay Kamura Points to send up to four friends on an expedition to fight monsters or collect plants in various countries. The reason for doing this is that your friends will return your loot – the more friends you send, the more loot you earn. Just keep in mind that you cannot send Palicos or Palamutes that are currently in your hunting party or training at the Dojo.

If any of the boxes glow, you might get special items when your friends complete this quest. As your personal level increases, your friends will be able to explore more places and thus fight against more monsters and collect different materials.

Source: ComoHow

Note that there is an expected result indicator that changes based on the level of friends you send. To get more goods, you will want this counter to be higher. To do this, you will want to send friends who have higher levels. To level up your friends, you’ll want to send them to the Buddy Dojo.

It will take some time for the selected friends to complete their tasks and return the loot to you, so check with Chief Kogarashi regularly for items. If you want to remove a friend from a mission, you will need to recall all the companions on a mission.

Buddy Dojo Training

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Buddy Dojo allows you to upgrade your friends without taking them on hunting missions. This is the perfect way to weaken Palicos and Palamutes to level up while doing other things.

Talk to Buddy Expert Shurubei near the Buddy Plaza entrance to enter up to six friends. You pay Kamura points in general. All previously paid games are marked with a green icon, while the pieces you want to buy are marked with a blue icon. If you use a special item like a Lagnaipple, it will give your workouts a special boost.

All the friends who train at the Dojo will be featured fighting the Mechanical Tetranadon in the middle of Buddy Plaza. It will take a while for your friends to level up, so check back between hunting missions. You can also remove individual friends from the workout without affecting others at any time by tapping Select Friends and then choosing the Palico or Palamute of your choice.

Advice from friends

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Buddy Board allows you to see all the friends who are currently at work, change who is currently in your hunting party, and adjust both equipment and settings for your friends. Note that you cannot forge or upgrade armor and weapons here, you can only select what is already in your inventory.

While there is an Appearance Settings tab, this does not allow you to customize the appearance of an established friend, but instead allows you to change the color of their basic outfit.

You can also choose to get rid of a friend by selecting Ignore a friend. Since there are 21 locations for Palicos and Palamutes, you probably won’t need to use this feature as much.

Please note that Buddy Boards can be found in various places. For example, near Hinoa the Quest Maiden. You can access all of the above-mentioned features from any Buddy Board, not just the one at Buddy Plaza.

Trade with Rondine at Argosy

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By talking to Rondine at Argosy, players can send friends to trade for specific items. The number of items a partner acquires and their effectiveness depends on a partner’s negotiating skills. Using Lagniapple further increases your negotiating skills. Once a friend is selected to trade, an adorable animation follows showing a friend being sent to a submarine.

Negotiation skills cost what it costs Informal Negotiation 100 points Kamura Buddy trades at a leisurely and relaxed pace. The number of items obtained increases slightly. Usable at level 5 or higher. Duration of effect: six units. Quick negotiation 150 points Kamura Buddy engages in endless bargaining, increasing the items obtained in a short period of time. Usable at level 15 or higher. Duration of effect: three units.

Once it has been sent to a friend, you will want to check back frequently to see what products they may have returned. You will need to redeem Kamura points to purchase these Rondine items.

Source: ComoHow

Since I spend a lot of time capturing monsters, I have my first Argosy Buddy looking for Thunderbugs so I can facilitate Charge Traps. You can also purchase rare decorative items from Rondine to display in your home.

Hunter’s Weapon Training Area

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If you head straight from Argosy, you will see two statues of Palamute with a ship between them. Interaction with the ship takes you to the training area. This is the only area that is out of place in Buddy Plaza, as it focuses more on the hunter than your friends Palico and Palamute. Here you can train with the 14 types of weapons available in the game.

Source: ComoHow

The controls for the weapon you currently have equipped will be listed on the left side of the screen. In addition, the training zone will also help you understand which buttons to press to activate combos. You should definitely play here if you don’t know what your favorite weapon type is. You can also join the Hub missions by interacting with the mission board near the entrance to the training area.

The beginning of a beautiful friendship.

Palicos and Palamutes are absolutely adorable and can really help you on your journey to become a high level monster hunter. Be sure to take advantage of all that Buddy Plaza has to offer to become a mighty warrior.

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