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Moto G100 receives Android 12 update

Moto G100 receives Android 12 update

Motorola’s Android 12 rollout has been slow to get going, but it finally appears to be picking up speed in recent weeks. The latest model to feature the 2021 version of Android is the Moto G100 launched in April last year with Android 11 on board.

The Android 12 update is already rolling out to users in Brazil, and it’s no coincidence that Brazil is one of Motorola’s largest markets in terms of sales. At the moment, only the XT2125-4-DS version of the G100 gets Android 12, which is a 1.5GB download. After installing the new software, the build number will be S1RT32.41-20-16. The March 2022 security patches are included, though someone should probably let Motorola know that it’s almost May already, and by the time the update hits other countries, we’re sure to.

Anyway, at this note, it’s likely to be a phased rollout as usual, so it may take a few days for all G100 units in Brazil to receive the update notification. So hopefully the company will consider taking it elsewhere sooner rather than later. Anyway, if you have a G100, wherever you are, you will be able to run Android 12 before Google releases Android 13.

Along with all the goodies contained in Google’s Android 12, this release is also expected to include Motorola’s improvements to its Android My UX skin, including new camera features and the Ready For experience.

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