Navigation for your bike with Naviki

The beautiful weather of the last few weeks has attracted many cycling fans onto the streets. The Android Market offers various practical navigation aids for two-wheeled trips outside. We picked one out and took a closer look at Naviki.

You know what it’s like: you’re faced with the next route planning like an ox facing a mountain. Your own knowledge of the maps lets you down and your friends don’t know what to do either, because all the after-work rounds have become purely routine. Want something new? There’s no one there to ask right now, and you’re not prepared to do any lengthy research. Can Naviki help here?

At first glance, the app seems very user-friendly. Enter the start and destination – and off you go, without hours of presetting. For those who like to archive their exploits, you can also log in to the Naviki homepage and upload your own tracks. The concept itself is great, but there were a few problems with the implementation. In our opinion, a navigation app should be just as quick to use as a map. It should also be in no way inferior to a topographical map in terms of readability. Who wants to stop for five minutes because the navigation system just won’t load? Despite good reception, Naviki showed clear weaknesses. When we tried to re-enter or update routes, it failed us several times. This may have been due to the hardware and software (Motorola Defy with Android 2.2.2), but that’s not really a good excuse. The app hung up so often that we finally gave up in frustration and went back to cycling according to “gut feeling” or the map. So there is still room for improvement here!

Despite its weaknesses, Naviki has enormous potential. Cyclists in particular, who can take completely different routes with their vehicles than their four-wheeled colleagues, need a navigation system that is adapted to their needs. For the routes we tested around Munich, the navigator initially displayed small and fine cycling routes very reliably. Naviki only didn’t know what to do with the details (the trail that leads more quickly to the bakery) – but you’d be stuck with Google Maps. We give this great approach to making cycling more suitable for everyday use 4 out of 5 points.

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