New details about ‘Salt and Sanctuary’ multiplayer

Ska Studios will launch “very very soon” a 2D platform title PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita exclusive called Salt and Sanctuary; announced for the first time in 2014 as a brutal RPG full of action and hardcore, very “Souls style”.

The company now brings us new details about the cooperative multiplayer of this installment, shared through the official PlayStation Blog. The title revolves around sanctuaries, “a place to rest, recover and reappear” if situations get complicated. These they can be surrounded by NPC as townspeople.

The cooperative game “Sellswords” allows us summon companions as “hired” characters, who will have to take command and choose a character from the cast. When you have a partner the gameplay changes, enemies become stronger and receive a little more health.

Last we have PvP feature, in which we can acquire War Eggs that, when broken, start a player versus player game. Once the battle begins, it doesn’t end until someone diesalthough fallen companions will respawn at the nearest shrine.

The company has also published a new game trailerwhich you can find below:


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