New details about the mechanics of ‘Tales of Berseria’

Bandai Namco continues releasing details about the long-awaited Tales of Berseria, a title that will be released in Japan as an exclusive for PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 3 throughout 2016, while in the West we wait for a release on PlayStation 4 and PC with no defined date.

This time we talked about the combo system called “Break Soul”, with which we can link as many “Break Souls” as we have souls on the counter. By activating it after performing a normal combo, a soul will be subtracted and we can repeat the combo we just performed, continuing in a loop until we run out of souls or we want to try something new.

This action is only allowed when we have three souls or more, so we can exceed the limit of arts per combo that can be performed. In addition to this, some characters have characteristic actions that will have different consequences when performing combos. In this way the game acquires a more tactical characteristic, since it is appropriate to change characters depending on the enemies we face.

You can take a look at the new images of the game in the gallery below:


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