New images of Dreams, the developer hints at an upcoming reveal

Media Molecule continues to reveal, although In small quantitieshandfuls of information and images about the long-awaited PlayStation 4 exclusive, Dreams.

As many of you know, the title will allow us create our own stories and adventures using a series of simple design and modeling tools. We can then bring our creations to life with a couple of simple commands.

Curiously, the company has published a couple of tweets showing some photographs of the paintings painted by artistic director Kareem Ettouney, which seem to be hinting some new function or tools for new levels. The tweet ends by saying, “what are they for?” ?”

You can take a look at the pictures now a new 1080p image in the tweets below:

Our Art Director Kareem is busy painting these beautiful scenes today. But what are they for? Ooooh 🙂

— Media Molecule (@mediamolecule) January 22, 2016

Kareem’s paintings are really starting to take shape now. Worlds and stories are emerging from the canvas #DreamsPS4

— Media Molecule (@mediamolecule) January 22, 2016

A beautiful and elegant deer sculpted in #DreamsPS4 by Mm Artist Men Lu. Those colors <3 #screenshotsaturday

— Media Molecule (@mediamolecule) January 23, 2016


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