NEW iPads: “official launch” scheduled for 2024

According to what was reported by today’s source, the new 2023 iPads are postponed and will only arrive in 2024, precisely in March.

There has been a lot of talk about the new 2023 iPads, but they did not arrive on the date set by the rumors. Apple seems to have no intention of launching new iPad models until March 2024, as stated by the very famous journalist Mark Gurman of SamaGame News.

In his most recent “Power On” newsletter, Gurman explained that the new Apple Pencil with USB-C port precedes an update to the iPads, which will arrive only in spring 2024. He also added that Apple has been working on several upcoming models, namely iPad 11 generation, iPad mini 7 and iPad Air 6, but is also planning the presentation, for the first time, of iPad Pro with OLED screen.

iPad news 2024

To be precise, the current iPad Air was released almost three years ago and sports an M1 chip. Supercharged’s report confirms to expect a new M2 chip, which will put more power under the hood of this iPad.

The new iPad mini 7, however, is expected to sport an A16 Bionic chip, offering a small improvement over its current A15 Bionic chip, but will also have a new display controller to mitigate the impact of the jelly scrolling issue seen on iPad minis. 6 while scrolling the contents.

Finally, Gurman added that the first-generation Apple Pencil will be removed from sale, along with ninth-generation iPads, as at that point there will no longer be new iPads on sale from Apple with a Lightning connector.

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