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New MacBook Air How-To Videos Are Here

New MacBook Air How-To Videos Are Here

Source: Gerald Lynch/ComoHow

Yesterday, Apple introduced its new MacBook Air on the first day of WWDC 2022.

The new MacBook Air comes with a completely new design and incorporates the company’s new M2 processor. It also comes with a larger screen, MagSafe charging, full-size function keys, and an improved FaceTime camera.

Gerald Lynch from ComoHow attended the WWDC keynote and got a chance to test drive the new MacBook Air. In addition to our own coverage, various creators and outlets have also released hands-on videos with Apple’s new wearable.

You can see all the how-to videos with the new MacBook Air below:

Table of Contents:


Take a look at the new 13-inch MacBook Air M2 and MacBook Pro first!

brian tong

This is my first look and experience with the new MacBook Air M2 from WWDC22 in Apple Park! A new design, more power and this new Midnight Blue color. Here is everything you need to know about it!


The new MacBook Air with M2 has arrived! We have a ton of updates to make to MacBook Air, 13-inch MacBook Pro, iOS, and macOS. Let’s talk about some of the best things from WWDC 2022.

Karl Konrad

Here is the new MacBook Air 2022 (M2) announced at WWDC. My favorite color scheme is the midnight option, but there are 3 others as well. This is a HUGE upgrade for the MacBook Air as it has a completely new design and new M2 internals.

Matthew Moniz

2022 MacBook Air M2 hands-on and first impressions of #WWDC22. A new design that matches the MacBook Pro 14 and MacBook Pro 16 plus the new M2 processor. This is the new MacBook Air that many people have been waiting for.

the tech guy

My first impressions of the MacBook Air 2022 with M2. Thinner, lighter, faster, and with a better webcam, speakers, and 2 new colors, could it be the best laptop in the world?

The edge

Apple has just announced a completely redesigned MacBook Air with an M2 processor. The screen is now larger at 13.6 inches and is closer to the edge of the lid, as the new 1080p camera has been hidden in a notch. It has two Thunderbolt ports, a headphone jack, and a MagSafe charging port. The MacBook Air M2 will be available in July 2022, starting at $1,199.


With an Apple M2 chip and a slimmer, redesigned chassis, the new MacBook Air is more than just an upgrade. Take a look at our first impressions.


New colors, more performance, a bigger screen, a better camera… and a higher price.

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