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New Oregon Trail Apple Watch app tracks in-game progress steps

New Oregon Trail Apple Watch app tracks in-game progress steps

Fans of The Oregon Trail can now bring the game into the real world with a new Apple Watch companion app. The new app, dubbed The Oregon Trail: StepTracker, does exactly that: tracks your steps, then translates your movement into the game itself.

Oregon Trail has proven to be one of the most popular Apple Arcade games and you can download it now on iPhone, iPad, Mac and Apple TV. But this new addition is for Apple Watch only, and users are encouraged to install the game and “experience The Oregon Trail’s journey to the 19th century in real life.”

Using real-world data on walking, running, jogging, or rolling a wheelchair, StepTracker converts that movement into in-game steps, taking players down The Oregon Trail as if they were actually there.

Developer Gameloft is quick to point out that this isn’t just a milestone tracker. It is a true bona fide game.

Players will find more than just a step tracker – other features include digital representations of actual locations, stats and progress data, daily summaries, avatar customization, in-game rewards, and more. Players can travel the 2,000 miles of the Oregon Trail, with five travel stages, 64 locations, seven forts, 15 river crossings, and eight pony express stations, meaning there’s plenty to see and do as you “ride” along. along the trail. . The stunning graphics of The Oregon Trail are also front and center, as players can watch the animated environments change as they follow the trail from Independence to Oregon. If players took 10,000 steps every day, it would take them over a year to complete this epic journey.

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