New Pokemon “Poke-Lid” Sewers Celebrate Toyohashi City, Japan


Four new Poke-Lid manhole designs will be installed this month in Toyohashi, Japan. These blankets celebrate the culture of the city.

Posted Jul 15, 2022 Rebecca Stone

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More of the popular “Poke-Lid” enamel manhole covers are coming to a new city in Japan this month. Four designs featuring various Pokémon have just been unveiled, each celebrating Toyohashi City and its culture.

The first Poke-Lid manhole cover features a very happy Typlosion who appears to be enjoying a fireworks festival. Summer festivals with homemade fireworks are popular in Toyohashi, which is probably what this sewer design represents.

The next cover features a Ribombee and a Grubbin, two bug-type Pokémon enjoying a field of beautiful pink flowers. Behind them is a train based on the Toyohashi Railroad public transportation system, which is an industry the city is known for.

The third cover also has the Toyohashi rail system transit in the background, this time with Starmie and two Charjabug in the spotlight.

Finally, the fourth Poke-Lid has a Vikavolt and a Kabuto holding a Fossil. These two Pokémon are surrounded by azalea flowers, which is the official flower of the city. Once again, there is a Toyohashi Railroad train in the background.

Chapter 4: 7種類のポケモンが描かれ
June 25 (月) の設置をお楽しみに! #ポケふた

— ポケモン公式ツイッター (@Pokemon_cojp) July 15, 2022

Like all other Poke-Lid manholes across Japan, these four will also serve as Pokémon GO Pokestop locations for visitors to use while playing the game.

Pokémon-themed sewers promote tourism in each of the Japanese cities where they are located. Each of the designs is beautiful and clearly recognizable to Pokémon fans, and there are now more than 200 across the country.

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If you haven’t seen any previous Poke-Lid skins yet, you can check out some of the other versions, such as skins featuring Greninja, skins featuring Electric-type Pokémon, skins featuring Vulpix and his friends, skins featuring Flying-type Pokémon, and skins featuring Pokémon. water type.

If you want to learn more about how to create these unique manhole covers, you can read all about it here.

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