New trailer, gameplay and details about ‘NieR: Automata’

Fans from all over the world eagerly awaiting collaboration between Square Enix and developer Platinum Games, which will be called Nier: Automata and will be released soon as a PlayStation 4 exclusive, as far as we know.

During the NieR concert and live conference in Tokyo, the developer has new trailer revealed, gameplay and information about this installment, confirming that it will also launch NieR: Replicant for PlayStation 3 on the PlayStation Now service in Japan. Starting May 22, 2016, the game will be available with 80% discountequivalent to 30 days of games for 22 yen or 90 days of games for 360 yen versus the standard version of 1,000 yen and 1,800 yen, respectively.

You can enjoy the new trailers and gameplays from the game below:


2B, 9S and A2 can be seen in ‘NieR: Automata’, now in HD

Listen to a preview of the ‘NieR Automata’ theme song

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