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No more monthly updates for the Galaxy Note 9

No more monthly updates for the Galaxy Note 9

Three years after its release, support for the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 is slowly being downsized. The smartphone was in fact removed from the list of devices updated monthly. This means that security patches will arrive no longer every month, but only every third.

Samsung offers monthly, quarterly or half-yearly security updates for all smartphones, depending on age. Usually, after three years the support is lowered from monthly to quarterly, and this is the case with the Galaxy Note 9. This also means that, predictably, the device will not receive the update to Android 11, but will only remain at 10.

The latest Galaxy Note 9 security patch was released in August, so you’ll have to wait until November for a new one. This quarterly update cycle will last for about a year: after which it will pass to a six-monthly cycle, and after a further year the support will be officially terminated.

With the future loss of the Galaxy Note 9 the series of the same name is moving more and more towards the disappearancea, as Samsung has probably decided to cease production of the Note range. However, there is still a lot of time left, and for Note 9 owners there is certainly no rush to make a change to another smartphone.