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Not only Black Shark 3: here are the other gaming-phones of the moment

Not only Black Shark 3: here are the other gaming-phones of the moment

Nowadays, it smartphone it is used more and more to carry out all types of operations and activities. For example, the old generation consoles have suffered a real economic decline, precisely by virtue of the fact that users increasingly love to play mobile games with their smartphone rather than at home with the console.

Even activities that until a few years ago seemed unthinkable to be able to carry out via your mobile device, today you can realize via smartphone. We can think, for example, of NetBet sports betting, which can now be accessed through the numerous platforms that have been created online. From mobile it is a real child’s play to place a bet on a football match rather than on any other event related to the world of sport, but not only. In fact, nowadays, you can really bet on any event, including politics and the world of art.

What makes several smartphones more suitable to be used as real gaming devices is certainly the processor power. In any case, there are smartphones that do not have the appropriate technical specifications to be able to support rather heavy games and that occupy a large amount of memory.

This explains why it is much better to opt for devices that have been specially developed for gaming lovers. We can think, for example, of two models that have managed to garner a broad consensus on the market, such as Razer Phone 2 And ASUS ROG Phone 2.

In the meantime, Xiaomi’s brand new gaming smartphones have been made official in China. It is about Black Shark 3 and Black Shark 3 PRO. In particular, the latter model has all the credentials to be able to aspire to become the new reference point in the world of mobile gaming, given its crazy features, ranging from the 7.1 “AMOLED screen to the Quad HD + resolution, with a Snapdragon 865 processor, 12 GB of RAM and 256 GB of storage on UFS 3.0 system.

It is important to underline that in the list of the best gaming smartphones it is also necessary to include models that have not been designed with this goal, but that are excellent devices in every respect. A few examples? Just think of the range Samsung Galaxy S20 or to the iPhone 11 Pro Max which, exactly like any other device developed by the Cupertino house, can take advantage of a defeated library like that of Apple Arcade.

iPhone 11 in front of everyone

In first place among the best smartphones for gaming, therefore, it is inevitable to include two models that have found a wide consensus on the market, that is iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 Pro Max. The advantages of betting on one of these two models are very easy to understand: first of all the possibility of taking advantage of the Apple Arcade library, as well as an extremely fast CPU, ideal for playing. On the other hand, there is certainly to be highlighted how the price of these two Apple devices is not really affordable for everyone. Another point in favor of the iPhone 11 Pro Max is certainly the fact that it has a larger screen, with a much larger battery compared to its “brother”.

In a potential ranking, he should be in second place OnePlus 7 Pro. It is a smartphone that convinces for many positive features for gaming lovers, but also for the excellent quality / price ratio. Among the main strengths we certainly find the integration with the fingerprint reader inside the screen and the battery life, which touches the 24 h. Too bad for the absence of the jack to insert the headphone cable and the fact that the screen does not go beyond Full HD.

An excellent alternative is represented by the Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus / S10. While waiting for the new S20 range, the proportions are really excellent, as well as can count on a processor that makes power its strong point. The presence of the fingerprint sensor integrated into the screen is also good. The price, however, is quite high and another small drawback is the fact that a sufficiently firm grip is not guaranteed, an important aspect for those who play a lot from mobile.