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Nothing Phone (1) release date and price leak

Nothing Phone (1) release date and price leak

Yesterday, Nothing revealed new information about its upcoming smartphone, Nothing Phone (1), namely that it will have a transparent back, wireless charging support, and a recycled aluminum frame.

However, the company has yet to reveal when Nothing(1)’s phone announcement will take place. A new leak from Germany is here to rectify that, claiming that the device will launch on July 21. It’s unclear if that’s the sales start date or the unveiling date, but either way, it should be an important day for Nothing and its smartphone ambitions.

Nothing phone (1) design sketch

What is much more intriguing is the new announced price for the phone of around €500. With high-end smartphones getting more expensive each year, it immediately makes us think that the Nothing(1) phone is unlikely to be a flagship at that price. Perhaps a “flagship killer” is in order from one of the masterminds behind the original “flagship killer”, the OnePlus One?

Of course, we’re talking about Nothing’s founder Carl Pei, also known as the co-founder of OnePlus before that. It wouldn’t be surprising if he tried to use a similar formula for this startup as he used in his previous startup, but obviously those are just rumors at the moment, so he should definitely take it with a pinch of salt. .

Pei himself mentioned that the Nothing(1) phone is coming this summer, and July is one of the summer months, so… let’s wait and see what happens. And while we wait, maybe someone wants to leak a real image of the device? It’s a bit strange to be this close to release with zero leaked renders.

Source (in German)

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