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Nreal Air goggles to launch exclusively with EE in the UK


Nreal Air goggles to launch exclusively with EE in the UK

The Nreal AR glasses are said to offer “a big screen experience on the go” and will be exclusively available to buy from EE in the UK.

If you want to experience augmented reality, you’ll soon have the opportunity to do so on May 20th this year, when the new Nreal Air AR glasses launch exclusively on EE in the UK.

They may look like a standard pair of sunglasses and weigh just 79 grams, but these AR specs can offer an “extended 201-inch Full HD virtual display at 6 meters” as well as integrated audio, meaning you can stream movies, or TV shows, in a whole new way while you’re on the go. Plus, when you connect a Bluetooth controller, you can even use the glasses as a platform for mobile gaming.

Nreal Air Goggles

There are two different modes that you can use with the glasses. Air Casting simply mirrors your phone screen, so you can see your device screen on a virtual 120-inch HD screen. Then, in the mixed reality space, you can “test drive innovative AR technologies” using virtual screens up to 201 inches in a virtual space in front of you. One such example is stationary cycling exercises, and EE notes that there’s “a growing range of AR applications” you could use it with in the future.

Speaking at the announcement, Alistair Wilson, Director of Devices and Partnerships at EE, said: “We are working with the world’s best content providers and the most innovative technology companies to create entirely new experiences for our customers. Nreal is at the forefront of AR and we are delighted to be the exclusive UK partner for the launch of their new Nreal Air AR goggles. Combined with the power of 5G, it really opens up new possibilities for seamless streaming and access to new types of content on the go – these are really exciting times for mobile.

Peng Jin, Co-Founder of Nreal, said: “We are excited to enter the UK market in partnership with EE and look forward to building the AR ecosystem together. At Nreal, we are passionate about bringing AR into consumers’ daily lives, bringing about revolutionary transformation, just as the Internet once did. Augmented reality will transcend the current mobile experience, especially when it comes to watching videos, exercising, and playing video games on PC and in the cloud. As we continue to enrich the AR ecosystem with each update and enhancement, consumers will enjoy innovations and amazing digital experiences that are integrated into everyday life.

The glasses will be available to buy for all new and existing EE customers for £399.99, with some stores offering demo samples so you can check out the product before you buy. Existing eligible Pay Monthly customers will also be able to spread the cost of the glasses over 11 months, for £35 per month plus a £10 upfront fee.

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