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Only true fans can get a perfect score in this Silent Hill movie contest.


Only true fans can get a perfect score in this Silent Hill movie contest.


Released April 7, 2021 Dylan Chaundy

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Even though many viewers were baffled by Christophe Gans’ 2006 Silent Hill film adaptation, it still resonated with fans of Konami’s critically acclaimed survival horror franchise. In fact, you just need to take a look at the meta-critical critical score of 31 for the movie, then compare it to the more respectable user score of 7.9 on the same site, and you will have an idea of ​​the disconnect. General among the critics and the fan base.

Yes, the narrative exposition was a bit heavy in the second half, and yes, the ending could have benefited from another rewrite, but what we received was a very faithful version of the original material that boasted great Akira Yamaoka music. as well as great actors like Radha Mitchell, Laurie Holden and Sean Bean.

Throw in some flashy cinematography and a spooky horror atmosphere, and what you’ve got is a rather underrated haunted city thriller that has definitely captured the essence of Konami’s beloved video game series.

As the film’s 15th anniversary approaches and with the news that Gans is currently working on a third Silent Hill photo, we thought it would be a good time to separate the wheat from the tares by testing your general knowledge of the horror criticized by. criticism. Photography.

So grab your gleaming torches, crackling radios, and rusty pipes as we make our way back to the misty, abandoned streets of Silent Hill in the latest ComoHow quiz. Can you get a perfect score in our Silent Hill movie contest?

Do you think you know everything about the Silent Hill movie? Take this quiz to find out

At the beginning of the movie, Rose searches for Sharon in the woods and finds an object that belongs to Sharon. What are you collecting?

In which real city is the movie version of Silent Hill based?

Why is the town of Silent Hill closed?

What are the first monsters Rose encounters when she arrives in Silent Hill?

When Officer Cybil Bennett stops Rose, where does Cybil say she wants to take Rose?

Shortly after Officer Cybil arrests Rose, they are both attacked. What monster is attacking them?

When Rose is at Midwich Elementary School, she discovers a child’s handprints in the dust on the desk with a word etched into the wood. Which is the word?

Complete this famous Alessa Gillespie quote: “When you are hurt and scared for so long, fear and pain turn to hatred and hatred begins to change …”

Rose encounters monsters in the basement of Brookhaven Hospital. What monsters does Rose find?

Why did the sect want to kill Alessa?



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Image Credits: Konami and Tristar Pictures