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P2E ‘App Store’: G-Link bridges Web 2.0 and Web 3.0

P2E ‘App Store’: G-Link bridges Web 2.0 and Web 3.0

By offering fun and diverse blockchain games, G-Link provides a user-friendly experience for Web 2.0 gamers to enter Web 3.0 and participate in an ecosystem that connects gamers, game developers and investors.

Table of Contents:

Unleash the potential of GameFi

Traditional gaming is a large but stagnant industry plagued with legacy issues; In contrast, blockchain gaming is a booming industry with potential for exponential growth. Traditional gaming industry revenue was US$178.37 billion in 2021, compared to US$155 billion in 2020, representing only 15.1% year-over-year growth in the other. By comparison, blockchain gaming has skyrocketed from around $321 million in revenue for 2020 to $2.32 billion in Q3 2021, which is a much larger increase of 722.7% since the beginning of the year. .

This means that the size of the P2E gaming market was around 1.3% of traditional gaming in 2021, with the potential to capture more market share.

First choice to find and create new P2E games

G-Link’s mobile blockchain gaming platform is designed to be a full “app store” and more, creating new touchpoints for key stakeholders, namely gamers, game developers and investors. Additionally, G-Link enables Web 3.0 newcomers to start playing blockchain games seamlessly, just by registering a family account to get started.

G-Link has 4 mid-core casual P2E mobile games scheduled for release in 2022, including track game Kartopia, strategy-based collectible card game Card Master, kingdom-building simulation game SPE Colony, and Coin Arcade-style Fishing Frenzy. Also, more than 10 developers are in talks to add more variety of games to the platform. The vast game world meets the preferences of mobile gamers to explore new games frequently.

The comprehensive platform includes features designed to address the most common and fundamental problems in Web 3.0 gaming. Specifically, the GLINK platform token enables higher performance and lower gas fees, which is an essential infrastructure to enhance the interactivity element in the game mechanics. assets safely. Meanwhile, the GameFi Incubator and the NFT Marketplace support small game developers with funding and resources, fostering open innovation.

Investors can earn passive returns from the dawn blockchain gaming industry without being gamers, through various avenues on the G-Link platform. This includes holding G-Link Chief Toad NFTs, GLINK tokens, staking, becoming a virtual owner, and supporting projects through the incubator. GLINK holders can earn up to 1.8-200% more APR with locked bets of 3 different durations, or keep cash with the flexible betting option to earn up to 1-2.8% APR.

Chief Toads, Leader of the Guild: The Genesis of the G-Link NFT

G-Link’s NFT genesis collection, Chief Toad will grant owners VIP membership on G-Link’s gameverse platform. As a GameFi NFT, Chief Toad’s utilities include increased in-game earnings, exclusive in-game guild creation, and priority access to beta games and metalands sales.

To gain privileges on the G-Link platform, players must create their own Chief Toad NFTs. The Chief Toad NFT coin collection will take place on July 5-7, 2022, priced at 0.08-0.1 ETH with a total supply of 10,000.

Check the official website for the details of the Chief Toad NFT mint: https://www.chieftoad.com/

Powering the ecosystem: GLINK token IoT

The Initial Dex Offering (IDO) for the G-Link platform GLINK token will take place in August 2022. Using the ERC-20 standard, the total GLINK token supply will be 1 billion tokens.

GLINK tokens power every transaction on G-Link’s GameFi platform:

  • GSwap – Switch seamlessly between in-game currencies
  • Provide an initial investment to support the game of your dreams.
  • DAO voting rights
  • Participation in the liquidity fund
  • Purchase of in-game assets, NFTs and virtual lands
  • Chief Toad NFT holders will enjoy the benefits of a higher percentage of airdrops and confirmed whitelist spots for the GLINK token presale.

    For updates and announcements on GLINK IDO: https://t.me/glinkgroup

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