Performance evaluation of the ‘DOOM’ beta on PS4 and Xbox One

As the years go by, games for current generation of platforms as PlayStation 4 and Xbox One are becoming deeper and more complex, adding new ways of playing, but also new ways of seeing the game, which of course demand much more from our equipment.

DOOM is a Bethesda Softworks title that, among other things, will offer a multiplayer mode in which we can fight demons or control them ourselves in closed spaces with different game modes. To test and improve the servers before their release, the company launched a beta test of the game on these platforms specifically online multiplayer, where we were able to compete with and against friends for just one weekend.

SamaGame’s popular Digital Foundry outlet has published your performance comparison from the Doom beta on PS4 and Xbox One, in which we can agree that the game runs very well on both consoles. First of all, it is worth noting that performance has improved on both platforms Regarding the closed beta, although you can notice drops from 55 FPS to 60 FPS (although on Xbox One we did see 50 FPS, which doesn’t happen too often).

You can take a look at performance comparison on both platforms in the video below:


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