Persona 5 Royal releases gameplay and reveals that there will be new evolutions of Personas

Atlus has left us with a new gameplay video about Persona 5 Royal, the new version of the game that will be released soon with a multitude of new features. And the company has been teaching us during this time (and during the remainder we will see more) these new features that players will find.

On this occasion, the video focuses on a single character but leaves us with new scenes from the game as well as an important revelation: the new evolutions of the Personas of each Phantom Thieve.

Ryuji introduces himself with his new Persona

Ryuji Sakamoto, founding member of the Phantom Thieves, is the one who stars in the new gameplay of Persona 5 Royal. And he lets us see several of the new scenes in the game, like Ryuji talking to Yusuke or how Yusuke created a new move. At the end of the video we can see his team attack.

But the most important thing is the revelation that All characters will receive a new evolution of their Persona in this game, similar to what happened with the Persona 4 Golden version. The Ryuji’s new Persona is called Williamjust like Captain Kidd.

We hope to hear more news about Persona 5 Royal on a regular basis as we have done so far. This has left us with gameplay accompanied by details, its first trailer in English and screenshots of its various new features.

The title will be released exclusively for PlayStation 4 on October 31 in Japan and sometime in 2020 in the West.


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