PlayStation VR will be the protagonist at Sony’s next GDC

There is less time left until the celebration of the GDC (Game Developers Conference), the event that brings together developers from all over the planet in the North American city of San Francisco from March 14 to 18 and which will have, like every year, the presence of Sony and its main studios through talks and round tables.

Apparently the Japanese company will take advantage of the event to talk at length about virtual reality and what it will contribute to the world of video games, and it will do so by supporting its proposal: PlayStation VR. From what has been learned from the announced talks, the development and innovations what the device will mean, also the sound for the virtual experience and there will also be space for more technical talks such as mathematical logic to implement intuitive gameplay.

At Sonyers we will be very attentive to the GDC to learn more details about PlayStation VR and any announcement that Sony wants to offer about its virtual helmet or any development they are working on.

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