Politically explosive: Phone Story

Do you have a social streak? Did you scream in outrage when the situation at Apple supplier Foxconn was made public? That’s exactly what Phone Story is about.

The game, as we read elsewhere, has a good cause. We don’t want to deny that at all, but that doesn’t mean it’s viewed any more favorably. In short, it’s about denouncing the conditions in the smartphone life cycle from raw material extraction to scrapping. In the game you have to encourage poor African children to mine raw materials, save factory workers from suicide and throw smartphones at fans of a certain cell phone brand. The game is nicely done, but there is hardly any challenge in the four levels once you understand how the individual parts are removed from the assembly line in level 4. So if you apply gambler standards, which are of course totally politically incorrect, the game is boring. However, according to the Android Market’s own information, the 0.73 euros that the game costs goes to organizations that are committed to better production conditions.

Conclusion: If you see the game primarily as a good cause, it would be a sensible thing in itself. However, since it is usually difficult to verify that good causes are involved, we only give it 3.5 out of 5 stars.

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