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POWERWASH SIMULATOR is available and ready to clean up

POWERWASH SIMULATOR is available and ready to clean up

Square Enix Collective and FuturLab are pleased to announce that POWERWASH SIMULATOR is available and ready to clean up! POWERWASH SIMULATOR is available with Game Pass for PC and console, and available for purchase on Xbox Series X | S, Xbox One and Windows 10, with a full release on Steam following the successful early access period.

Watch the launch trailer here!

POWERWASH SIMULATOR is the simulator that puts the power of relaxation at the players’ disposal. Take a real-world cleaning break and follow your destiny in the world of pressure washers. Equip your pressure washer and unlock new tools and upgrades to clean even more efficiently and sweep away even the most stubborn dirt!

Not everything is as it seems in the town of Muckingham: an active volcano hatches nearby, the mayor’s cat is missing and everything is extremely dirty. For all his quirks, Muckingham manages to be quite presentable… thanks to you! The locals have noticed this too, and soon your cleaning business will take off.

Cleaning Muckingham from top to bottom will reveal secrets hidden among dirt and objects in each level. You will also receive messages from customers that will reveal the history of the places you visit, from humble homes to ancient buildings. There will be many things that will come up during your cleaning assignments.

“We are delighted to offer millions of players the chance to relax, release the pressure and unleash their creativity with the release of POWERWASH SIMULATOR,” commented Chris Mehers, COO of FuturLab.

“There is nothing more satisfying than sweeping away the dirt to unearth the unique scenarios of POWERWASH SIMULATOR. We look forward to enriching the game with even more content in the future, ”added James Marsden, co-CEO of FuturLab.

The game promises relaxation and satisfaction to all clean freaks, from the most casual to the fiercest. But this is only the beginning of your cleaning adventure: Square Enix Collective and FuturLab are looking forward to expanding the game even further with regular updates and more.