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Prime Day 2022 gave us two big clues about Black Friday

Prime Day 2022 gave us two big clues about Black Friday

NOTICE: Prime Day 2022 has come and gone with Amazon having officially ended the sale at midnight on Wednesday.

During the event, there were a series of brilliant discounts on everything from Amazon’s own Echo and Fire devices to big savings on robotic vacuum cleaners. But for us, the most curious part of the event that is often overlooked is what did not appear on Prime Day.

It’s this key factor that offers some clues as to what to expect from other retailers during the next (and arguably the biggest) sales spree of the year: Black Friday. Here are the two biggest takeaways Prime Day has given us about what to expect from Black Friday.

The players would have done better to wait

This Prime Day, it is fair to say, was not the best for the players. Unlike previous years where we saw big savings on Nintendo Switch, the only real deals we saw were some modest discounts on Xbox Series X/S refurbished games and bundles.

The continued shortage of GPUs also meant PC gamers didn’t see huge discounts on Nvidia’s RTX 30-series or AMD 6000-series graphics cards. It’s a shame because during this time of year, with new models launching, you’d traditionally see savings on old cards or at least some good game bundles on Prime Day. We didn’t get any major PS5 deals this Prime Day for the same reason.

However, with major companies like Qualcomm, Samsung and others believing that the global chip shortage will “easen” in the second half of the year, there is a light at the end of the tunnel.

Coupled with more stock potentially becoming available during Black Friday (which takes place in November), with reports suggesting that Nvidia has overordered/recently stocked GPUs for the period, we could see a new wave of discounts on brilliant games during the sale. At least waiting.

The best TV deals are yet to come

Prime Day brought a number of brilliant discounts, we saw savings on various mid-range LCD TVs from Hisense, Panasonic, Philips, LG and more. But in this sea of ​​mid-range offerings, we’ve only seen a handful of really good OLED offerings. One such deal saw the Sony Bravia KE65A8 for just £1199. That’s £500 off its usual price of £1699.

It was a shame for ComoHow’s team of experts, as we had been expecting OLED prices to drop due to new competition from competing technologies such as Neo QLED and Samsung’s mini LED.

However, again, if you look at the timing, it makes a bit more sense. Most companies have only just started releasing their 2022 flagship sets, so it would make sense for them to be opposed to removing stock from their older models. As a result, we expect the proper flagship TV deals to start appearing later, towards the end of the year, around the same time as Black Friday.

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