Problems with the adaptation of ‘The Witness’ to Virtual Reality

The Witness has become a success. The game created by those responsible for Braid has obtained the approval of the press and public and that is why now their developer studio has decided to take another step forwardthis step has to do with the adaptation of the game to Virtual Reality.

However, it seems that the path is not going entirely as expected and that is why they have commented that its development is becoming somewhat “problematic.”

According to Andrew Smith, one of its creators, there are places where we can cheat to overcome the puzzles.

At the moment Virtual Reality is being somewhat problematic with the game in the sense that we have seen that when faced with some puzzles, we have overcome them simply by crouching down.

Even so, the creative confirms that The Witness can be enjoyed and much thanks to the fact that We find a colorful open world full of possibilities. However, Smith ends by saying that these types of games will be very enjoyable, but as long as they are developed specifically for Virtual Reality, they are not adaptations as happens in The Witness.


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