PS4 has sold more than 2.5 million units in Japan in 2 years

Media Create brings us back a series of interesting facts about the sales of Sony consoles in Japan, where it is, along with Nintendo, one of the most supported companies in video games. As we highlighted a couple of days ago, on February 23, 2016 PlayStation 4 turned 2 years old in Japan and today we bring you an evaluation of its performance.

Media Create has combined last week’s data with its data record from all years to determine the sales of Sony consoles. PlayStation 4 in particular has already reached the 2,508,223 million units sold in Japan, while PlayStation 3 has already sold 10,401,494 million units during all his years of life in this territory.

PlayStation 4 had a pretty decent first week in Japan, although sales dropped rapidly due to the lack of games aimed at a Japanese audience as most developers tried to support PlayStation 3 exclusively or in parallel. However, the current home console Sony managed to increase its sales by reducing the standard price, offering new packs and of course, announcing a series of exclusive games focused on a Japanese audience.

What do you think of PlayStation 4 sales in the land of the rising sun?


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