Put Craig Federighi’s Lush Mane In Your MacBook’s Hair With This New Skin

Apple’s Craig Federighi has become something of a style icon for fans of Apple products around the world. The company continues to dig into this and now a famous image from WWDC22 has been made into a skin for the newly revamped MacBook Air.

Federighi, or as he’s better known on the internet, Hair Force One, played a huge role during WWDC22 and part of the opening video saw him running through the halls of Apple Park, stroking his hair as he goes. Now the skinned suit brand has turned that image into a new MacBook Air look and it’s just as awesome as it sounds.

Who doesn’t want Hair Force One on the lid of their new Mac, right?

Dbrand was watching this speech like the rest of us, saying “watching WWDC, we asked Apple two questions: what the **** are you doing with these transitions and how can we benefit from them?” The answer? “We can only answer one of these questions, and that is to turn Craig into a MacBook M2 skin.”

As for the packaging itself, it’s super slim and durable and will protect your new MacBook Air from the usual bumps and scratches when you’re on the go.

Unfortunately, dbrand says supplies are limited, but you can order one of these stickers right now for $32. You really should too, because I can assure you that taking Federighi to the local Starbucks with you will never go out of style.

The new MacBook Air is on sale now and our review is out now. In short, EiC Gerald Lynch loves the little machine, he gives it five stars. Apple’s new M2 chip is as fast as it gets, and the new look makes for a great-looking Mac. He can order one of his starting at $1,199 directly from Apple. Though looking at the current stock situation, he may have to wait.

The world’s first customers start receiving their new MacBook Air M2

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