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Recent in-depth audit of Yasha smart contracts via Certik

Recent in-depth audit of Yasha smart contracts via Certik

One of the most important advantages of using blockchain is its strong security. However, as anyone deeply involved in the space knows, attacks are common, leading some to perceive the digital asset space as insecure. In 2020 alone, many digital asset exchanges were hacked, including Altsbit, Exmo, KuCoin, and Harvest Finance.

One of the most common ways for digital asset projects to protect their clients and investors is through an audit. Blockchain audits are evaluations to determine whether transactions recorded in a blockchain ledger are complete and verifiably accurate against available evidence of transactions recorded in the ledger. Many companies specialize in blockchain audits, making sure they have a detailed understanding of the technology that implements the protocols.

YashaDAO, a community incubator and launch platform, recently asked CertiK to perform a detailed smart contract audit to help strengthen and improve the security of their platform.

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Learn more about YashaDAO

YashaDAO is a community-driven incubator and launchpad that is packed with features to facilitate a healthy investment ecosystem. The team behind the project is well versed in startup development, finance, and marketing. Its main goal is to benefit the entire DeFi landscape as a whole.

The decentralized platform created by YashaDAO offers a wide range of features that help them identify promising digital asset projects among the emerging projects. The platform also offers investors the opportunity to invest in a safe and secure environment.

The main services of YashaDAO:

YashaPAD: YashaPAD is a launchpad that provides safe projects, selected and voted by the community to provide investors with safe outlets to invest. Every project on the launchpad goes through a verification system that allows them to verify the authenticity of a project.

Yasha Incubator: Yasha Incubator is a program that helps up-and-coming teams launch blockchain games, protocols, and tokens. Each project that is in the incubator goes through a rigorous verification system that looks at every aspect of the project, which is then verified by the team and the community.

YashaDAO: YashaDAO is a decentralized platform for the InuYasha community. The platform allows community members to vote on YashaPAD releases and project incubation. Thanks to community voting, project launches on YashPAD are safe and secure.

YashaDAO CertiK Audit

With the help of CertiK, the Yasha platform underwent an extensive smart contract audit. The central principle of the audit was to detect critical or important issues related to security, contract code and design.

The report’s findings indicate that the current version of its Smart Contract source code is ready for release after fixing minor issues. CertiK has determined that no critical or elevated issues have been detected with YashaDAO’s business logic, security, or performance.

About CertiK

CertiK provides security consulting services designed to help others improve their solutions. The team is dedicated to making the projects they work on more resilient to unauthorized data access and tampering with their systems. They support teams from design, production, launch phases and beyond. They specialize in examining cryptographic protocols and the architecture of distributed systems. This includes digital assets, blockchains, payments, and smart contracts. The team also uses a wide selection of tools to analyze code and networks and build custom tools if needed.

Image by Vitor Dutra Kaosnoff from Pixabay

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