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Release date, trailers, gameplay and more

Release date, trailers, gameplay and more

The new Saints Row (2022) is an upcoming third-person shooter and will serve as a reboot of the famous series.

The game will still focus on the iconic mayhem of the series, but there is a new cast of characters and a more measured approach compared to the original game.

If you want to learn more about the new Saints Row game, including release date, gameplay, and trailers, be sure to read on.

Table of Contents:

Release date

Saints Row (2022) will be released on August 23, 2022.

This game was originally supposed to release in February this year, but it was pushed back to the end of 2022.


Saints Row will be released on multiple platforms, including some next-gen consoles, so you don’t need to upgrade your console to get in on the action.

There are three different editions of the game available to pre-order now, check out the price breakdowns below:


Some trailers have been released for the new Saints Row game. You can watch the trailer for the show below:

A customization shop has also been removed. It is 23 minutes long and gives us a look at some of the customization options, as well as interviews with members of the development team.

In addition, a trailer for the game has also been released that allows us to see some of the action scenes of the game.

how to play

Saints Row (2022) brings a new cast of characters that you will meet, with the main character customizable in both his overall aesthetic and gender, though we’ll talk more about that in the next section.

The developer, Deep Silver Volition, set the game in the southwestern United States with nine different territories for the player to explore. While we don’t know what each area will consist of, we do know of El Dorado (which is described as a throwback to Las Vegas), Rancho Providencia (which is a rural town), and Monte Vista (which is a suburb that is home to the rich and famous). ).

Players will also be able to open their own businesses in each area to earn more money, though we can assume these won’t be the most legitimate businesses.

Unlike other games in the series, there will be no superpowers and the game will be toned down overall. There are three separate but equally powerful criminal factions in the region that the player will need to eliminate, including The Idols, Marshall Defense Industries, and Los Panteros.


One of the main talking points of the Saints Row reboot is the extensive customization options available to the player. As we already know, you can customize your own character with eight different presets, with a community section also added which we assume will allow players to upload their own presets.

Customization is very detailed, as you control your protagonist’s eyebrows, nose, ears, head shape, and hairstyle. Supposedly, the parameters are all asymmetrical, which should make your characters feel more naturally human.

You have the option to add tattoos or scars to give your character even more personality, with plenty of clothing options thrown in for good measure as well. And when it comes to your voice, there are eight options, which means you should be able to create a completely individual character for your game.

Players will also have access to a custom car shop called Jim Rab’s, with over 80 vehicles in the game, all with their own presets. You can change the paint, tires, side panels, and height.

The developers also mentioned that you can color parts of your weapons or reimage them together, with some of the images on the site showing someone using an umbrella and guitar case as rocket launchers. Finally, the HQ can be customized with various collectibles, with the ability to even change the vehicles your crew drives.

That’s all we know about Saints Row (2022) so far, but we’ll update this article as we get closer to the release date later this year.

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