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Rezvani Tank Top 2018 Black on Red On Sale

Rezvani Tank Top 2018 Black on Red On Sale

Brought to you by VW of Puente Hills – There aren’t many vehicles on the road as big as the Rezvani Tank. As its name suggests, the Tank is a large vehicle that commands traffic and certainly demands attention. For sale at VW of Puente Hills is a 2018 example of the Rezvani tank with just 7,861 miles on its odometer.

The exterior of this Rezvani tank for sale has a Stealth Gray Satin paint finish to match its aggressive appearance. 20-inch alloy wheels with 37-inch Nitto Trail Grappler M/T tires and off-road-ready suspension give the SUV its height. Although it may be high up, the retractable running boards make it easy to access this tank.

Inside this Tank, driver and passengers are welcomed to a comfortable interior featuring elegant red leather seats and Alcantara headlining. The interior is also where everyone will be able to hear the upgraded audio system included with this SUV. Equipped with the “Ultimate” audio package, this Tank features a 12-inch touch screen, six Focal speakers, a four-channel amplifier with a custom cabinet, and two custom amp racks.

One of the craziest features on this tank is the thermal night vision system. This system uses a FLIR thermal imaging infrared camera that displays thermal signatures on the 12-inch touch screen. Those who have gone off the beaten path late at night and are worried about seeing unruly animals roaming the streets will certainly understand how useful this system is.

For power, this Rezvani tank relies on a 6.4-liter Dodge SRT V8 mated to a five-speed automatic transmission and dual-range transfer case. That’s a lot of power to overcome off-road obstacles. Helping this tank out in off-road situations is its on-demand 4×4 system that can be activated in an instant.

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